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Chengxi Shipyard always focuses on high quality and efficiency of the shipbuilding, engaged in the core competitiveness of technology and products. The main products already cover the three mainstream ship types of Bulk Carriers, Feeder Container Ships, and MR tankers, and other special vessel types such as Self-Unloaders, Asphalt Tankers, Chemical Tankers, , Heavy-lift MPV, and Woodchip Carriers, etc.. Depending on the experience in building ships, the company has formed a pattern of diversification and specialization development, and further been a main shipbuilder and leader of those ship types in the world. Through unremitting efforts of years, our business is expanded in the market of Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and mainland of China. We established good relations with those world-famous shipping companies such as Oldendorff, Golden Ocean, CSL, Scorpio, Norden, China Navigation, Wah Kwong, IMC, Foremost, Dole, COSCO Shipping and CMES etc.
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