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Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd., is one of the leading shipyards in China with strong capacity, large scale and professional management. The turnover of ship repair kept being listed in the top position in Chinese ship repair circle for many years. The company is well known in the international ship repair market and also enjoys a good reputation. The company has established long standing business relationship with shipping companies from over fifty foreign countries and regions and was highly acclaimed as “a five-star shipyard”. It has an annual capacity of repairing about 200 ships of various types. In recent years, on basis of technology innovation, the company devoted itself to the specialized ship’s repair and large scale conversions which has high technical content and high added value, including self-unloading vessel/ transfer station conversion, FPSO repair, containership elongation projects, Ro-Ro/Passenger Carrier conversion, reconstruction of sea-damaged containership, cement self-unloading vessel conversion, Livestock Carrier Conversion, Juice carrier conversion, energy-efficiency & eco-designed optimization projects, Open-hatch general cargo vessel jumboizing projects, accommodation conversion and gas carrier repair, VLOC repair, semi-submersible ship repair, scientific research vessel repair, and offshore engineering vessel repair/conversion, making Chengxi more competitive with different capability and special commercial strength
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