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Chengxi Delegation Completed the business visit to Singapore Owners
InMarch,ChengxiShipyardorganizeditsfirstbusinessdelegationintheyearof2023whospentfivedaysvisitingnineteentargetclientsinSingapore.Thankstothescient...Details >>
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  • ship repair
    Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd., is one of the leading shipyards in China with strong capacity, large scale and professional management. The turnover of ship repair kept being listed in the top position in   Details >>
  • shipbuilding
    Chengxi Shipyard always focuses on high quality and efficiency of the shipbuilding, engaged in the core competitiveness of technology and products. The main products already cover the three mainstream   Details >>
  • non-ship
    Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary corporation of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited and a holding subsidiary of China CSSC Holdings Limited. As a significant marine enterprise with   Details >>
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